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13 octobre 2005 4 13 /10 /octobre /2005 00:00
"Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch?"

I can, now, clean-up my screen...


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Francois Degrelle - dans Other
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Rob Vollman 13/10/2005 17:56

"Which witch watch which Swatch watch"?

Shouldn't it be:

"Which witch is watching which Swatch watch" or "Which witch watches which Swatch watch"?

Francois 13/10/2005 17:13

Lesson 2 - Thrill 2 :
"Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches.
Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch Switch?"

Brian Duff 13/10/2005 12:29

Wow. I struggled to pronounce that ;) (even in Scottish :) )