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Look and Feel Project

26 octobre 2007 5 26 /10 /octobre /2007 15:04
It seems that many people would like to apply massive changes within their existing Forms applications, but do not have the skill (or the time) to deal with the Oracle JDAPI stuff.

I have started a project targeting to do this kind of massive changes from a JavaBean, so a simple Forms module, fed by an XML input file.
Actually, the project is able to do the following transformations:

 - Add pl/sql code to existing trigger (before or after existing code). Create the trigger if it does not exist.
 - Remove an existing trigger
 - Change the execution hierarchy of an existing trigger
 - Replace some PL/SQL code by another one
 - Delete some PL/SQL code

Program units:
 - Add a program unit
 - Replace some PL/SQL code by another one
 - Delete some PL/SQL code

PL/SQL Libraries:
 - Rename all attached libraries to lowercase or uppercase
 - Attach a library
 - Detach a library

Object libraries:
 - Subclass a component from an Object library

 - Compile the module after changes

I need your participation, and wait for your comments to add more valuable features.
If you already have this kind of problem to solve, feel free to send me your comments and give details about what you would be expecting from this project.

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Wolfgang Brandy 01/11/2007 12:09

I great idea!I have a wrote a lot of JDAPI programs. The Jdapi is powerful.I have the same question like Tulio, will the Java Bean able to change a form at runtime? That were new to me and very interesting.nice dayWolfgang Brandy

Francois Degrelle 02/11/2007 09:43

The JDAPI is useful to update .FMB files, so really nothing at runtime. As I said,  the aim of this tool is to modify .FMB source files with the content of an XML input file, to those people that do not know how to implement the JDAPI stuff.

Tullio 30/10/2007 09:48

Sorry but I dont understand.Are You speacking about a runtime modification or a design time one?TksTullio

Francois Degrelle 30/10/2007 09:58

This JavaBean would allow to modify .FMB files in mass. The main aim is to apply modifications on Windows, Canvases, Item, etc. on a group of several source files.

Patrick (2) 26/10/2007 17:03

Maybe under the same title of Object Lib:1. Be able to change the canvas or stackes back ground colorsin 6i (c/s) my canvas was normal GREY. This was the default but when i converted to 10g the background  black and white. So did the buttons. So a way to change attributes on canvas/stacks?

Patrick Wolf 26/10/2007 16:56

Another interesting tool to manipulate FMBs is the Forms API Master by http://www.orcl-toolbox.com/ I like it, because the language of the script engine is very PL/SQL-Pascal like. And I event do not talk about the FMB compare, power search, ... which the tool also offers.Patrick

Francois Degrelle 26/10/2007 17:26

Patrick,The tool you point is probably powerful,but also very expensive, that does not correspond with my idea of  "free" solutions given on my blogs ;D