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6 février 2008 3 06 /02 /février /2008 11:40
Here is a Java Bean that allows to manage an "auto completion" Swing JComboBox.

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Francois Degrelle - dans Oracle Forms
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Dontae 09/09/2008 22:17

Thank you for your article. It is detailed information which can be useful for my job. I have managed an "auto completion" Swing JComboBox.

Gaetano 18/02/2008 07:51

Hi Francois,Thank You for reply. I have modified the form and the control work.I submit to You another question.In my form the javabean control must be a database field.If I use it in a datablock, when I run the form:1) the control display always the value set in the statement Set_Custom_Property('BL.BEAN',ALL_ROWS,'SELECT_VALUE','myValue');instead of  the proper  value in each  record .2) If I modify the value in the combobox and I try to save the change,  the message 'Impossible to save the record, because no modification' is displayed.Can You help me ?Greetings....Gaetano

Gaetano 17/02/2008 17:31

Hi Francois,I have try to use this pjc in a form. Is it possible use the combo box in a datagrid with scrollbar?In my form i see the combo only in the first row.Thank YouGaetano

Francois Degrelle 17/02/2008 17:50

This is the usecase of the second parameter on the Set_Custom_Property() built-in.Set_Custom_Property( 'bl.bean' , 1 ,...);This second parameter is related to the visible record you want.If you want to use the bean on every record, there is the ALL_ROWS keywordSet_Custom_Property( 'bl.bean' , ALL_ROWS ,...);