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6 avril 2008 7 06 /04 /avril /2008 08:49

Hello there,

I would be pleased to present the brilliant work of a nice French person, who has developped a library, capable of encapsulating the so complex OCI interface.
It is a powerful workaround for those C programmers that are not totally satisfied with the Pro*C stuff, and want to handle the powerful OCI without the headache that comes with.

Here is the summary of what his tool can do that I quote as he wrote himself:



OCILIB is a free, open source and platform independant library, written in C, that access Oracle Databases.

The OCILIB library :

  • Encapsulates OCI (Oracle Call Interface which is powerful but complex)
  • Hides OCI complexity
  • Proposes instead a simple, readable and reusable API
  • Offers up to 310 simple and straightforward APIs.


Current version : 2.3.0 (2008-03-30)

Main features

  • Data binding
  • Integrated smart define and fetch mecanisms
  • Full Unicode support on all platorms
  • Multi row fetching
  • Binding array Interface for fast and massive bulk operations
  • Reusable Statements
  • Connection Pooling
  • Global Transactions
  • Returning DML feature support
  • ROWIDs support
  • Named Types (Object types) support (User or Builtin)
  • Cursors
  • PL/SQL blocks
  • PL/SQL Ref cursors and Nested tables
  • LOB (BLOBs/ FILEs)
  • Supports lobs > 4Go
  • Long datatype (piecewise operations)
  • Provides "All in one" Formatted functions (printf's like)
  • Smallest possible memory usage
  • Date/time management
  • Timestamps and Intervals support
  • Error handling
  • Describe database schema objects
  • Access columns by index or name
  • Hash tables API
  • Portable Threads and mutexes API
  • Supports static / shared oracle linkage
  • Support runtime loading (no OCI libs required at compile / time)
  • Great performances (straight OCI encapsulation)


Get OCILIB from OCILIB Project page at Sourceforge Website


OCILIB is developped by Vincent Rogier

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Vendee 26/08/2008 12:41

Thank you a lot for this great information. I didn't know that such a free api exist.