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11 octobre 2006 3 11 /10 /octobre /2006 22:41
JInitiator uses the JRE 1.3 version. This excludes the use of all the new Java features available in the next versions of the JRE.
This is the reason why, it is a good think to stop using JInitiator and replace it with the Sun Java Plugin.

Here is a short explanation about how to do this:

 - Download the Sun JRE (I've downloaded the last one : JRE 1.5.0_06)

 - Prepare your /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file

instead of the archive_jini tag, use the archive tag

add a special section (including the Webutil configuration)


If you don't use the Webutil library, point to the basejpi.htm start page:

 - Configure the Forms Builder to use this section:

   Menu : Edit -> preferences...
   tab : runtime
   item : Application server url : http://my-machine:8890/forms/frmservlet?config=javaplugin

 Then run your forms !

Here is my Java console content after these modifications:

Java Plug-in 1.5.0_06
Utilisation de la version JRE 1.5.0_06 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
Répertoire d'accueil de l'utilisateur = C:Documents and SettingsBlob Blob

c:   effacer la fenêtre de la console
f:   finaliser les objets de la file d'attente de finalisation
g:   libérer la mémoire
h:   afficher ce message d'aide
l:   vider la liste des chargeurs de classes
m:   imprimer le relevé d'utilisation de la mémoire
o:   déclencher la consignation
p:   recharger la configuration du proxy
q:   masquer la console
r:   recharger la configuration des politiques
s:   vider les propriétés système et déploiement
t:   vider la liste des threads
v:   vider la pile des threads
x:   effacer le cache de chargeurs de classes
0-5: fixer le niveau de traçage à <n>

RegisterWebUtil - Loading WebUtil Version
connectMode=HTTP, native.
La version Forms Applet est :

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Francois Degrelle - dans Oracle Forms
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John Hefferman 02/04/2007 15:58

I am interested to know if you ever discovered how to use a newer runtime with JInitiator. I have tried changing the runtime in the JInitiator properties in the control panel, but it just results in an error when Oracle forms is ran.
If you have any information, please let me know.

Rag 25/10/2006 08:54

Hi,there is also a Way to use new Java Features in JInitiator by simply setting the CLASSPATH to a newer JDK/JRE Version.This way you can use 1.4 or 1.5 Features in an "old" JInitiator.Rag

Francois Degrelle 25/10/2006 10:13

Hello Rag,This looks very interesting. Could you provide more information and tell what configuration file to change with what values ?

Wilfred van der Deijl 12/10/2006 11:15

Hi Francois,You might also want to take a look at two of my postings on using Sun JRE with Oracle Forms:http://www.oratransplant.nl/2005/06/16/how-to-configure-forms-to-use-sun-jpi/ which shows how to configure Oracle Forms to use Sun JRE much in the same way as you demonstratedandhttp://www.oratransplant.nl/2005/05/24/settings-for-dynamic-versioning-with-sun-jpi-and-oracle-forms/ which explains how to use Dynamic Versioning of Sun JRE if you do not want to demand a very specific version of the JRE to be installed.

Francois Degrelle 12/10/2006 11:32

Ok, article updated. Thank you  ;o)