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13 octobre 2006 5 13 /10 /octobre /2006 17:50
It is not the first time I see this question on forums:
"How can I restrict the values of my LOV, that the end user cannot select twice the same ?"

One solution is to use a record group with a WHERE clause that excludes the records that has just been posted.

Another solution, that needs no POST is to remove the rows from the record group.

Assume the record group select order is the following:

  select empno, ename from emp

The automatic refresh of the LOV must be set to NO

Assume the LOV is attached to the EMP.EMPNO item, add the following code to its When-Validate-Item trigger:

-- Remove the selected value from the record group

  rg_id RecordGroup;
  rec_count NUMBER;
 -- Get the record group ID --
 rg_id := Find_Group( 'EMP_GRP' );
 -- Get the number of rows --
 rec_Count := Get_Group_Row_Count( rg_id );
  -- delete the selected row --
 FOR j IN 1..rec_Count LOOP
  If Get_Group_Number_Cell( 'EMP_GRP.EMPNO', j ) = :EMP.EMPNO Then
     Delete_Group_Row( rg_id, j );
     exit ;
  End if ;

Of course, if the end user clear or delete the record, you should add the row to the record group.

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Francois Degrelle - dans Oracle Forms
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elad 20/08/2013 11:19

"Of course, if the end user clear or delete the record, you should add the row to the record group"
Hi Francois,
In what trigger should I use to add the deleted row back to the record group and what the code that I need to write in it?