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31 octobre 2006 2 31 /10 /octobre /2006 17:11
Someone (his/her name is Torben) put a comment on my last java Bean article about how to transform a Forms application into a socket server.

He decided to use the bean to send message from the database:

  c  utl_tcp.connection;  -- TCP/IP connection to the Socket server
  ret_val PLS_INTEGER;
  c := utl_tcp.open_connection(remote_host => '',
                               remote_port =>  4450);  -- open connection
  ret_val := utl_tcp.write_line(c, 'Incoming Message Send by my Oracle DB');

Cunning !

The database can, then, send any information message to any particular Forms user like: Hey John, a row has just been created !'

This way, it is easy to imagine a system where several Forms sessions communicate between each other...

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