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10 décembre 2006 7 10 /12 /décembre /2006 16:12
In this second chapter, the bean is able to etablish the correspondance between the Java components and the Forms module's items.
When the mouse enter an item, the background color is changed, then an event is sent to Forms to indicate which item is concerned. The message indicates the Forms item name.

This demonstrates that you can get events from every item with a single Bean component.

Mouse events part II

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Francois Degrelle - dans Oracle Forms
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Motasem Shokair 01/01/2011 17:28

Dear Francois:

I tested this bean and it worked when for is left_to_right, when I use the form in right_to_left direction it doesn't work.

I want to ask is there a way to know the form item name inside the java bean other than matching the x,y of each object?. isn't there a property for the oracle.forms.ui.>>> item to
return the corresponding form item name.


Francois Degrelle 02/01/2011 09:09

Unfortunately, there is no way to establish the correspondance between the Formsitem and the underlying Java component :(