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23 février 2007 5 23 /02 /février /2007 14:45
Here is a Java bean that allows the Drag 'n Drop within a Swing JTree item.

This bean is proposed by Minas Lyrakis from Greece.

Swing JTree

This bean uses itself the DispatchingBean of Tom Cleymans. (so it needs the sun Java plugin 1.4 at least)

You can Drag 'n Drop nodes within the same tree but also from one tree to another as well.

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Francois Degrelle - dans Oracle Forms
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Gaetano 29/03/2007 16:59

It's possible to create a form like TEST_SWTREE1 with Form Builder Rel. 9.0.4 ?
If Yes, wich jar files I must to use ?
Best Regards

Francois Degrelle 29/03/2007 17:44

Gaetano,I don't understand your question. As indicated in the article, it is provide with both 10.12 an,d 9.0.2 sample dialogs (test_SWTree2.fmb), so if you have Forms 9i or 10gR1, open the second one.The .jar file is independant from the version of Forms. It just needs at least the Sun Java plugin 1.4