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7 janvier 2010 4 07 /01 /janvier /2010 15:38
Here is a Forms 11g Pluggable Java Component that allows sending back to the Forms application each key pressed in a Text Item
(single or multi-line).

As you know, the older versions (Forms 10g and Forms 9i) did not allow PJCs to send back custom events to the Forms application. Only a Java Bean that extends the VBean class could do so, then you had to put a seperate Bean Area on the canvas.
Now, with the new Forms 11g version, every PJC that extends VTextField, VTextArea, VCheckBox, etc... can send back custom events.

Key Pressed 11g

This PJC can only work with the Forms 11g version. It won't work with any older version like 10g or 9i.

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