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28 août 2012 2 28 /08 /août /2012 07:14

After a long time without any change, here is a major version that allows the user to display/edit (almost) any SQL order in a dynamic table-block.



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Francois Degrelle - dans Oracle Forms
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cheysenn 14/10/2012 08:25



i have this sql query that i want the sort order in descending but it does not give the sort as i wanted.

if beaname = 'BL2.OPN_JTABLE_OPD' then
       LC$Query := 'SELECT t.ROWID,
            t.MINORNAMEE  FROM ' || PC$TableName ||' t ';
    LC$Count := 'Select count(*) from '|| PC$TableName || ' t'  ;    
    LC$Where := ' where t.hosid   = '||chr(39)||:global.OFF_USER_HOS||chr(39)||' and t.RPATNO   =
'||chr(39)||:PATIENT_INFO_DETAILS.RECP_MST_PT_NO||chr(39)||' and t.VISITYPE in (1,5)';
    LC$Order := ' order by t.RMSTDATE,t.CLAIMNO DESC';      

Francois Degrelle 14/10/2012 10:45

Save the LC$Query in a database column, then copy/paste the result in Sql*Plus or Sql Developer and see in the ordering is ok.

cheysenn 13/10/2012 19:43



i'd noticed sorting by descending order is not work. 


thank you.

Francois Degrelle 14/10/2012 07:42

Could you give more details?

Fred Fokkinga 05/10/2012 16:16

Thank you for the reply.

Howvere, I think the document you refer to is not about links within html pages (anchors) in oracle forms   :http://fdtool.free.fr/articles/collections/collections.htm

Francois Degrelle 05/10/2012 21:52

What I said is that I used that document as source of the TextArea HTML item, because it contains links to internal anchors (#C3), and they work fine.

Fred Fokkinga 05/10/2012 12:42

I downloaded the latest version. I am interested in displaying html text in a forms field. so I used the bean : oracle.forms.fd.LAF_XP_TextArea and set the properties : Set_Custom_Property(
'BL.T2', 1, 'SET_HTML_CONTENT', 'false,true,false' ) ; And i used JDK 1.6, forms 10.1.2.

Does this bean support jumping to anchors within the item ? For instance jump from Lidocaine to . I tried it but it doesnt work.
Jumping to an url does work.

Francois Degrelle 05/10/2012 15:24

I have it working fine. Here is the doculment I used for the test:
I can nivigate to any internal link.

cheysenn 30/08/2012 10:31

There is bug in the new Jtable when resorting the rows with image. The prolem is the image will not sort it stay on their original position.

Francois Degrelle 30/08/2012 19:47

It is fixed, now. Please load the ZIP again to get the new JAR.