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25 décembre 2010 6 25 /12 /décembre /2010 10:14

Merry Christmas everybody


For the occasion, I have just developed a little change around the Scrolling Panel by adding some methods.


  • SET_SCROLL_PANEL_ESCAPE to allow the end-user to exit the panel box by pressing the Escape key
  • SET_SCROLL_PANEL_FRAME to display the scrolling box in a separate frame the user can move and resize.
  • SET_SCROLL_VERTICAL_TOOLBAR to add a vertical scrollbar to non-scrolling pages (*)


(*) I have though that the Scrolling Panel, that was originally built to display plain texts or HTML contents in a small room, could also be used to display a help system. In this case, the scrolling behaviour is not necessary, reason why you can avoid it by setting the delay value to zero (0).


Set_Custom_Property( 'LAF_BLOCK.LAF_BEAN', 1

   , 'SET_SCROLL_PANEL', '0,0,10,10,600,150,http://...' ) ;


The vertical scrollbar permit to scroll the fixed content, and the Escape key to exit the box.


In addition, you can also display HTML pages stored in the Application Server, in one of the virtual/physical directories defined in the /forms/server/forms.conf file.
In this case, just precede the HTML page name with the virtual directory name:


Set_Custom_Property( 'LAF_BLOCK.LAF_BEAN', 1
   , 'SET_SCROLL_PANEL', '0,0,10,10,600,150,/forms/html/page.html' ) ;


Because of the smallness of the update, I have left the version number unchanged (1.6.4).

Just download again the LAF_164.zip from the site


Have fun !






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