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19 octobre 2012 5 19 /10 /octobre /2012 10:17

I see, more and more often, questions from people that (finally) migrate from C/S to Web Forms versions, and don't know how to display charts (feature that is no longer available in Web version).

Of course, the first point is to use the Oracle official FormsGraph Java Bean.

Another solution, that does not require lot of code, is to use the Google Chart tools. It is easy as sending an HTTP Url that returns a PNG image of the desired chart  ;-)
However, this solution requires an image item that can be populated from an Internet URL.
The Forms Look and Feel project can do it, but is a little bit heavy for those who only want to display charts, and nothing more.
So that, the Handle Image Java Beans are the right solution.



There are four versions, one that is JInitiator compatible   HandleImage I, and three that are JRE 1.4 compatible, HandleImage II, HandleImage III, and HandleImage IV.


If you want to learn the specific Google Chart syntax, you can explore the Google Chart site , but also study ready to use snippets from this interesting Web site.


Good charts !



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