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15 mai 2006 1 15 /05 /mai /2006 20:42

Steve Cosner have created an Oracle Forms tool that allows to debug all messages raised in a Forms application (even database messages provided by the DBMS_OUTPUT package).

This is a quote of his presentation:

"ZDebug is a form to help you easily create and display messages from within a form you are debugging.  It also displays DBMS_Output messages created from database pl/sql operations.  ZDebug can be used in any version of Web Forms, as well as Client/Server Forms 6i.

ZDebug.fmb collects and displays your messages within a Forms window.  It is normally called from a form you are testing.  To use it from within any form, all you need to do is copy two objects from ZDebug into your form:  Procedure AA and the Debug pushbutton.

The Zdebug process stores messages you create from program units in your form in a dynamically created record group so they can be displayed in a window when you want.  Optionally, it can also write them to the screen immediately as they are issued.

This tool makes it simple to view messages from a form and from database triggers and packages, so developing and testing complex Forms and server-side processes is easier."

A tool as brilliant as simple !

Get it here



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