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7 février 2007 3 07 /02 /février /2007 14:27
Here is a package that allows the dispatching of events from Java Beans to Forms on Beans that extend VBean, beans that use the FBean package and also PJCs !
No, you are not dreaming and there is no mist on your glasses, a PJC that dispatch event to the form module !

Dispatching events You know that a Bean that extends VButton or VTextField for example cannot use the dispatchCustomEvent() method to send message to Forms, so how could this be possible ?

Tom Cleymans from Belgium brings here the solution.

He decided to attach a class that extends VBean to each PJC, so that it can use the included dispatchCustomEvent() method to send messages to the corresponding Forms' module Bean Area.

As brilliant as simple !

Read the Tom's article then do what you are searching for years .

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